Autocross: Ran, timed, and organized by your local SCCA Land O'Lakes Region Team with 3 different classes. The cost is $80 and it gets your car entered in the car show and provides a wristband for the driver. Participants will also get photographic coverage of their runs and will also receive a Street Heat participant gift bags with sponsor products.

Basic guidelines for autocross classes (and run groups):
Class 1: Naturally Aspirated 4 cylinder vehicles
Class 2: Naturally Aspirated 6 cylinder and forced induction 4 cylinder vehicles
Class 3: Everything else more powerful (8 or more cylinders, rotary, electric, twin turbo etc)

These classes are subject to slight changes so that we can maximize your time on the course and in the car show and other events. With 20 cars per class (60 total), we can make sure your run groups are organized and you don't spend time waiting in long lines to autocross. 

Time: 8AM-5PM on May 5th. Please be on site on time to do tech and driver's meeting.

Location: Course will be in the grandstands for maximum space optimization, crowd visibility, and safety. 


  1. SNELL rated helmets (2010+)
  2. No Passengers
  3. No handheld video devices (GoPros mounted firmly are fine)
  4. Proper seat belts/harnesses worn correctly
  5. All hands inside the car at all times (no hanging onto the window sill)
  6. Properly functioning factory battery tie down or metal only replacement (no rubber/bungee cords or ratchet straps)
  7. No leaking fluids of any kind or loose wires
  8. Functioning brakes, tight lug nuts, and tires in good condition 
  9. Follow directions of workers/volunteers at all times
  10. Any foolishness will not be allowed.

1st - 3rd Awards to fastest drivers in each of the run groups.
Various sponsor prizes as well for those who register before May 1st!

*Registration for Autocross also covers the car show entry.